Fourth Corner Fly Fishers
PO Box 1543
Bellingham, WA 98227


If you are a club member and would like to contact another club member either by phone or email, please sign in (under the “Members” tab)  and refer to the Member roster  for contact information. If you are not a member and wish to contact an officer or committee chairman, please send an email to the Club Email Address: 4thcornerfly(at) (Replace “(at)” with “@” when sending us an email)

President: Frank Koterba

Internal Vice-President (Programs): Marion Hiller

External Vice President (Outings): Tom Langley

Secretary: Paula Faulkner

Treasurer: Steve Hiller

Membership: Bill Faulkner

Newsletter: Jamie Harrington

Education: Klaus Lohse

Conservation: Co-chairs Dan Coombs and John Leighton

Policies and Procedures: Hugh Lewis

Library: Tom Langley

Raffle:   Scott Willison

Webmaster: Phil Terzian

Website Consultant:  Sandie Koplowitz



Board members: Frank Koterba,  Bill Faulkner,   Paula Faulkner,   Angus MacArthur, Cassie Spitzer, Bruce Aigner, Steve Hiller, Marion Hiller, Tom Langley, Wayne MacLemore